Provide easy way to disable all email ("vacation mode")




Email Notifications
17 years ago
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17 years ago
There are more than 20 checkboxes in the email preferences. If you have many of
them checked, have a limited space in your mailbox, and will be for some time
(say, a week) away from any computer access (what people usually call
"vacation"), you have to uncheck all of them. Then, when you are back, you have
to reenable them all, trying to remember how they were set before.

It would be much easier if there was another checkbox to act as a "global
disable" (vacation mode), which would make bugzilla act as if all checkboxes
were disabled, without actually disabling them (so if you unchecked it, it would
bring you back to your custom email notification settings).
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13 years ago
Kick all my Bugzilla bugs back to the component default owner.
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12 years ago
It seems to me, we really need to address a bigger issue here.  When users are on vacation / sabbatical, typically, they not only don't want emails, but they also don't want assignments.  It seems to me that we ought to have a way of dealing with "user is away" and have a method of storing (and automatically re-enabling) when a user plans to return.  I think this should be a user-level function that administrators can set if needed.  If you're thinking use the disabled text, that still doesn't solve the problem of emails or automatically re-enabling the user when they return.


12 years ago
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