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Don't see a way to redirect a needinfo request (in Experimental UI)


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In the non-experimental UI, needinfo requests are surfaced in two bits of UI:

1)  An "I am providing ..." checkbox under the comment area and a "Need more information" checkbox under the comment area, with the latter allowing you to select whom to ask for info.

2)  A flag in the "Flags" section that can be set to "?" and then you enter whom you want info from.

In the experimental UI, UI #2 seems to be gone.  There's an "Update" button in the "People" section which just jumps you to UI #1.

The problem is that UI #1 doesn't allow _redirecting_ a needinfo request: changing the requestee while leaving the requester the same.  The idea is to have the original requester notified when the request is responded to, instead of whoever is making the change getting notified.  With the non-experimental UI, this can be done in a slightly hacky way as follows:

* Change the username listed in the Flags section
* Ensure the "I am providing..." checkbox (which is checked by default if
  you're the requestee) is unchecked.

In the experimental UI I don't see a way to do this at all.  This is a pretty common operation on needinfo requests that I think we should add better support for in general, not remove support for.
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I just ran into this as well, and needed to turn off experimental UI in order to make bug 1250824 comment 3, and then turn it back on.
Summary: Don't see a way to redirect a needinfo request → Don't see a way to redirect a needinfo request (in Experimental UI)
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unchecking your "clear needinfo request" changes 'Need more information from' to 'Redirect my needinfo request to'

- YUI --> jquery
- move all js into a single script block
- implement redirection
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I tested existing flags that are requesteeable with changing the requestee to multiple addresses and it does indeed work. The first address will take over the same flag id and the following addresses will get new flags. This works for both needinfo, review, etc. We could document this behavior or we could leave it alone in case we want to remove this behavior in the future for whatever reason.

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