Autophone - PROCESS-CRASH | autophone-s1s2 | application crashed [@ nsSocketTransport::InitiateSocket]



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I've started seeing PROCESS-CRASH | autophone-s1s2 | application crashed [@ nsSocketTransport::InitiateSocket] and possibly related PROCESS-CRASH | autophone-s1s2 | application crashed [unknown top frame] on remote nytimes.

There must be a new pref we need to twiddle to turn off some background network access.
I want to be sure this is unrelated to the new servers at all.  I would be surprised if it was related, but want to get all out there.
Could be related. I haven't seen this on the old mac mini, but I can't think of what would be the cause. Just wanted it on file so we could track it.
mining logcat:

01-15 19:06:18.922 D/SwitchBoard( 2575): Read from server URL:

01-15 19:06:59.323 I/Gecko   ( 3531): FATAL ERROR: Non-local network connections are disabled and a connection attempt to ( was made.
01-15 19:06:59.323 I/Gecko   ( 3531): You should only access hostnames available via the test networking proxy (if running mochitests) or from a test-specific httpd.js server (if running xpcshell tests). Browser services should be disabled or redirected to a local server.

mining ep1/nytimes    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="">    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="">

This is inside of an html comment:

<!--[if IE]>
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="">
<!--[if IE 6]>
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="">

Did the parser change recently?<!--<h4 class="sectionHeaderHome"><a><img src=""


<!--<h4 class="sectionHeaderHome"><a><img src="" width="163" height="15" alt="Sunday Review" /></a></h4>

<!--<h4 class="sectionHeaderHome"><a><img src="" width="163" height="15" alt="Sunday Review" /></a></h4>
--><a><span class="img" src="" alt="Tiffany and Co.&rs

<a><span class="img" src="" alt="Tiffany and Co.&rsquo;s Not-So-New Metal" width="151" height="151" /></a><a><span class="img" src="" alt="Telling Tales Wit

<a><span class="img" src="" alt="Telling Tales With a Tear and a Smile" width="151" height="151" /></a><a><span class="img" src="" alt="Colors of the Caldron<a><span class="img" src="<a><span class="img" src="" alt="Op-Ed: Down the 

etc. We should have already fixed these?

when I pulled the files from ep1, I did

git submodule update --init --remote

Wlach: Did I do something wrong in pulling these files from ep1?

Actually, looking at view-source:;a=blob_plain;f=nytimes/;hb=HEAD it appears these references are still there. I think the parser changed and we are now seeing some elements we didn't before?
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Not sure why I don't see this problem locally or on the original mac mini. Could be due to the lame way we copy the files to the phonedash server's html directory but that is a different issue. I checked phonedash's output using desktop Firefox and used wireshark and didn't see extraneous network accesses. /me cross fingers.
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These changes seem sensible to me, but I don't have experience with ep1 sanitization...might be a good idea to run this by someone like jmaher.
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overall this looks right- hard to tell on this minified .js files.  If this doesn't work, we can dive in more- I have done this a lot, so let me know if I can help.
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This hasn't fixed the entire issue. I'm going to do an interative approach and come back with the changeset when I have one that works.
I can not reproduce this locally due to I believe the way my local instance of ep1 was copied into the phonedash/html directory.

We have lived with this mess for a long time and we have all wanted to change the way the html is copied into the phonedash for some time.

If it is ok with you, I would like to sync the server's phonedash html directories with mine for the time being in order to fix these crashes.

Then I will fix the real issue by making the phonedash html directory contain an exact copy of the autophone files directory and adjusting the paths in the test configs appropriately.
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OK with me.
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this sounds good- i recall pulling what little hair I had in my head trying to get this working originally with the talos tests- lets just get it working.

keep in mind the webpage could have location specific code which could cause mountain view ip addresses to query network resources differently or different files.
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Yeah, this will take some testing to be sure to get it right. But I'm tired of this mess and this will fix it once and for all for a minor investement in time.

Thanks, I'll rsync my local copy and hopefully silence the network access crashes for the moment.
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test run:

Note that this no longer pushes the full talos directories to the device since they aren't needed. We just push the new manifests. I tested with remote but not local.
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thanks, I had to do a double take on the .py changes, but they seem just fine!
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nearly impossible to review the minified js stuff, but the rest was easy to follow along.
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marking fixed. if i still have non local network accesses i'll file a new bug.
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