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Support crossOrigin attribute on image and feImage elements


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Cam, is the SVG specification right? It says 

attribute DOMString crossOrigin;

but the html DOM in gecko (and my WIP patch) has

attribute DOMString? crossOrigin;
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Checking the HTML spec, it looks like it should indeed be "DOMString?".  I've updated the spec:
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(In fact the HTML spec changed underneath us.)
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This seems to work but I don't know how to write an automated test for it. Any suggestions?
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I imagine the tricky part of the automated test is the cross-origin part, right?
That's explained a bit here:

I'd expect you want to write a mochitest which...
 * ...uses SVG in an iframe and snapshotWindow to see whether stuff rendered or not, like this test:

 * ...uses an <image> & <feImage> that point to '', which the mochitest web server will recognize and map to your source tree, like in these tests:

A few other thoughts:
 * Promises make the iframe load callbacks a bit easier to follow.  If you're not too familiar with promises, feel free to crib from my test_use_with_hsts.html test and ping me with questions. Or, traditional async callbacks shouldn't be too complex either.
 * For robustness, your SVG file (or SVG files) should include both elements (<feImage> & <image>), with the crossOrigin attribute present & not-present.
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Sorry, there was a problem with the detection of inactive users. I'm reverting the change.

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Support crossOrigin attribute on image and feImage elements r=emilio
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Support crossOrigin attribute on image and feImage elements r=emilio
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