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<button type="menu"> ?


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Steps to reproduce:

Tried implementing a <button type="menu">, according to what's mentioned in MDN (

I had to change it a bit to get it to render properly, the buttons weren't rendering with value="...", so I made them non-empty elements.

Clicked the button.

Actual results:

A different layout was applied to the button element, it looked a lot like a select element, but it didn't do anything when clicked, let alone show the menu, as per the latest spec (

Messing around in the console I could see it had it's type attribute set to "submit", despite the it not looking like a submit button at all, and nothing happened when trying to change it to "menu".

Expected results:

A menu should appear, as per the spec ( OR it should like a default submit button.
Component: DOM: Core & HTML → Layout: Form Controls
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