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Improper usage of ReadBytes in mozilla::net::NetAddr


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Pickle::ReadBytes[1] does not allocate memory and copies the data out of the serialized object, instead it just returns a pointer into the serialized object and it is up to the caller to do something with that data (usually use memcpy() to copy it to a persistent location).

When unserializing mozilla::net::NetAddr[2][3], ReadBytes is not called properly. NetAddr is defined here[4] with the |raw| union element defined as follows:

> union NetAddr {
>  struct {
>    uint16_t family;
>    char data[14];
>  } raw;
>  ...
> };

|&aResult->| returns a pointer to the |data| buffer and casts it to a const char **, now when ReadBytes is called, it will deference that pointer pointer and write a pointer, which points to the serialized data, at the destination.

Which means that the first four or eight bytes of |data| correspond to a pointer and not the actual raw address data.

I file this bug as a security bug out of precaution, since depending on the usage of the NetAddr object, it could lead to info leak.
If this is not the case, I don't see why this should be a security bug.

Blocks: 1041862
Component: IPC → Networking: DNS
Is there any reason why an AF_UNSPEC NetAddr would be being passed over IPC, or can that case just be removed?  (For that matter, why would an AF_UNSPEC address exist in the first place?  And does the data mean anything in that case?)

I looked for uses of "" (just that text, but NetAddr::raw is an anonymous struct, so accesses probably have that syntax) and found only the one in MDNSResponderReply.cpp, copying *to* it from an actual struct sockaddr.  So this probably doesn't need to be a private bug, but someone who knows Necko better should make that call.
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(In reply to Jed Davis [:jld] from comment #1)
> Is there any reason why an AF_UNSPEC NetAddr would be being passed over IPC,
> or can that case just be removed? 

I don't think that can be removed - generally you would set unspec on it before passing to some kind of resolution function and it would come back indicating v4/v6 with the rest filled out.. or something like that.


this comes from bug 648878 - so asking nick to take ownership


tedd I want to confirm I understand what you're saying..

instead of
     return aMsg->ReadBytes(aIter,
                 reinterpret_cast<const char**> &aResult->,

something like the below?:

const char *tmp;
if (aMsg->Readbytes(aIter, &tmp, sizeof(aResult-> {
 memcpy (&aResult->RawData, tmp, sizeof(aResult->;
 return true;
return false;
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:mcmanus, yes exactly, ReadBytes returns a pointer and checks that the given size fits inside the serialized object (to make sure the other end actually supplied enough data).
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Must be "old bugs come back to bite me" day.

This one doesn't seem too serious - I'm almost certain we never ship around AF_LOCAL sockets (at least, we didn't when I wrote the original patch, that could've changed). I'm not sure we ship AF_UNSPEC around, though I suspect this would've bitten us already if we did.
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