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Autophone - - use native recursion with chmod when supported by the device.


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chmod in particular is a problem for performance now that we have to use it to change permissions on pushed directories and profiles and since we emulate recursion rather than take advantage of the native support on the device. I experimented a bit and think that a test command using --help shows a help message which usually contains some indication whether the device natively supports recursion (usually with the option -R). This will correctly detect chmod -R on nexus 4,5,7,6,6p while not detecting it on nexus s where it is not supported. I'm pulling a bunch of system images to try it out with so I'll have a better idea interms of aosp emulators in a bit.

I think this will help our throughput significantly by reducing the time spent chmodding directories.
I've been testing this patch on staging. See

The Nexus 6P's are really falling behind and could use the benefit of this patch.

Before this patch, in my local environment the Nexus 6P took between 13-35 minutes to run the S1S2 tests. See

After this patch, the tests take about 4 minutes each.

I'm going to go ahead and land this. We can do a formal review when I work up patches for mozdevice's version of

autophone-1 2016-01-24 12:06:56 Autophone started.
autophone-2 2016-01-24 12:08:27 Autophone started.
autophone-3 2016-01-24 12:07:29 Autophone started.
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