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DataView#setXXX need to check the index parameter


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We currently just call ToUint32 on the index parameter. The spec however uses: SetViewValue
3. Let numberIndex be ? ToNumber(requestIndex).
4. Let getIndex be ToInteger(numberIndex).
5. If numberIndex ≠ getIndex or getIndex < 0, throw a RangeError exception.

This currently causes us to fail a fair number of test262.
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Seems like a lot of failure come down to calling those functions without any arguments at all, which used to throw. The new behavior is probably more inline with how the rest of JS behaves, but still seems like a step backwards to.
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Hey! So I was wondering what to do about dom/canvas/test/webgl-conf/generated/test_conformance__typedarrays__data-view-test.html. Is disabling the whole test in mochitest-errata.ini correct? We fail one part of the test now, because view.getInt8() (no arguments) is allowed now.
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Implement new DataView index behavior

Review of attachment 8774049 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: js/src/tests/ecma_6/DataView/get-set-index-range.js
@@ +29,5 @@
> +
> +    assertThrowsInstanceOf(() => view.getInt8(0), TypeError);
> +    assertThrowsInstanceOf(() => view.setInt8(0, 0), TypeError);
> +    assertThrowsInstanceOf(() => view.getInt8(Math.pow(2, 53) - 1), TypeError);
> +    assertThrowsInstanceOf(() => view.setInt8(Math.pow(2, 53) - 1, 0), TypeError);

These should be able to go up to Infinity, even to Number.MAX_VALUE, and still work, with the issue I noted fixed.

::: js/src/vm/TypedArrayObject.cpp
@@ +1845,5 @@
> +    // 2. Step eliminates < 0, +0 == -0 with SameValueZero
> +    // 3/4. Limit to <= 2^53-1, so everything above should fail.
> +    if (integerIndex < 0 || integerIndex > 9007199254740991) {
> +        JS_ReportErrorNumber(cx, GetErrorMessage, nullptr, JSMSG_BAD_INDEX);
> +        return false;

Am I misreading the spec algorithm?  We have:

a. Let integerIndex be ? ToInteger(value).
b. If integerIndex < 0, throw a RangeError exception.
c. Let index be ! ToLength(integerIndex).
d. If SameValueZero(integerIndex, index) is false, throw a RangeError exception.

After (a) we have any IEEE-754 value that has no fractional component and isn't NaN -- so, say, 1e200.  (b) eliminates all such values less than zero.  (c) transforms Infinity into 2**53 - 1 and otherwise clamps values to [0, 2**53 - 1].  (d) throws *if* the original value isn't equal to the value after (c).

Throwing if |integerIndex < 0| matches (b).  But throwing if |integerIndex > 2**53 - 1| *doesn't* map to what (c) does.  Rather in that case |integerIndex| should be transformed into |min(integerIndex, 2**53 - 1)|.

So this latter bit looks wrong to me.
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Comment on attachment 8774049 [details] [diff] [review]
Implement new DataView index behavior

Review of attachment 8774049 [details] [diff] [review]:

Er, wait.  No, throwing if |integerIndex > 2**53 - 1| is akin to the if-!SameValueZero-then-throw bit.  So this looks fine, sorry.
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Pushed by
Update DataView index handling. r=Waldo
Disable conformance/typedarrays/data-view-test due to spec changes.
Thanks jgilbert for providing the patch to disable the failing test. He is also going to get this fixed upstream.
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Disable another conformance/typedarrays webgl test due to spec changes to fix failing webgl tests (and requested by evilpie on IRC). r=me
See Also: → 1290773
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