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[a11y] Improve keyboard access to right hand side inspectors from main markup view.


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we want to tab to the right hand side panel from the current tree item after we reach last attribute by tabbing. 

If we tab backward, and reach the very first item of the right hand side inspectors, the next tab should place the focus on the last attribute of the currently focused tag.
The current implementation makes the keyboard user navigate through the whole tree view by tab. A document with several hundred nodes and several attributes each easily means thousands of tab stops.

The way we want to change this is that tab only moves from the main tree view item (the tag) to its attributes and onwards onto the tab list of the right-hand side panel, and shift-tab in reverse order. The other tags can be reached via standard tree view arrow key navigation (p and down to switch rows, left and right to either skip to the parent node, or collapse or expand the current node if it has children, etc. So there is already a way to navigate to the different nodes via the keyboard, so the tab order can be shortened properly to easily reach the side panel without introducing extra keystrokes.
Triaging as P3 as not a current devtools team priority (filter on CLIMBING SHOES).
Priority: -- → P3
Whiteboard: [btpp-backlog]
Product: Firefox → DevTools

I think this can be closed, this behaviour is no longer a pattern with our tree widgets in the devtools and will probably be more confusing for our users. @Marco, would do you think?

Closed: 3 years ago
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Flags: needinfo?(mzehe)
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