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Implement a taskcluster-based b2g hazard build


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The buildbot builds are all going away (see bug 1236835). The hazard build is orphaned. We need(ed) a new taskcluster-based hazard build. Except that b2g is tier 3 now, so we don't really. But I have this working, it is much simpler, and it will serve as a good base for a taskcluster browser hazard build.
The only issue with this is that it finds a hazard. :( But it's the same paramBuffer false positive that I battle with off and on.
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Implement a taskcluster-based b2g hazard build

Review of attachment 8712450 [details] [diff] [review]:

Terrence - can you review the portions of the shell script (, build.b2g, and the mulet-hazards mozconfig) that have to do with running the analysis? They're happily quite dull.

Greg, all of the job setup is for you. There are some strangenesses I inflicted on shared code, I'll comment on those sections.

I suppose I could have split this into two patches with an empty body for

::: testing/taskcluster/scripts/builder/
@@ +8,5 @@
>  test -n "$TOOLTOOL_REV"
>  tc-vcs checkout $gecko_dir/tooltool $TOOLTOOL_REPO $TOOLTOOL_REPO $TOOLTOOL_REV
> +(cd $gecko_dir; python $gecko_dir/tooltool/ --url -m $gecko_dir/$TOOLTOOL_MANIFEST fetch -c $TOOLTOOL_CACHE)

I removed --overwrite because it's deprecated, and I have another patch where I use this to cache tooltool checkouts (not just downloads; that's already cached). It helps with the development debug cycle because the rustc checkout takes quite a while. Probably, though, it'll need to be opt-in since it sticks a file into the checkout.

Anyway, for now this is just a removal of a deprecated option.
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I split out enabling this on main trees, starting out with just having it on try, until I disabled the original b2g hazard job. That has now been done, though currently it's awaiting the next reconfigure, so it's time to push this portion too.
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