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Document potential causes of WebRTC ICE renegotiation


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We need to document in our guide to WebRTC connectivity what can cause renegotiation to occur (that is, a second or later negotiationneeded event to start a new negotiation process).

From email from abr:

So, there are a few different things that can trigger renegotiation.

One of these things is ICE restart, which we don't yet do. ICE restart would happen when we sense a network failure or change in available network interfaces, as a means to either reestablish a broken media path or establish an improved media path.

Another thing that can trigger renegotiation is a change in the number of streams. So, for example: imagine that you've gone through a full call setup and have video flowing in one direction. Then, one side calls "addStream" on the peerconnection to hook up a second camera. At that point, the PC will trigger an "onnegotiationneeded" event. The application is then responsible for doing a new offer/answer exchange.

There are a handful of other things that trigger renegotiation, such as pausing and unpausing streams. But, in all cases, the behavior of the application is the same: it needs to send a new offer to the remote side.
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