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Shortened URL should be displayed while loading pages




Firefox for Android
2 years ago
2 years ago


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Currently we only show syntax highlighting when we actually load a page. I find it looks bad because there are too many things popping in at different times while loading a page. I find this looks especially bad when the text needs to slide because of https, tracking protection, etc.

For an example, see: https://youtu.be/ztm9nenZ8GQ
Depending on the outcome of bug 	1236431 we might not need the highlighting anymore. Or a different one.
Depends on: 1236431
Since bug 1236431 we are showing a shortened URL in the URL bar. But especially on slow networks you see the full URL until we replace it with the shortened URL after receiving a "title update" event. Let's see if we can update the URL earlier.
Summary: Url syntax highlighting should occur while loading pages → Shortened URL should be displayed while loading pages
Blocks: 1236431
No longer depends on: 1236431
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