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webm videos should be color corrected


(Core :: Graphics: Layers, enhancement, P3)

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(Keywords: feature, Whiteboard: [gfx-noted])

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Steps to reproduce:

Connected the PC to a wide-gamut monitor, calibrated it using a "ColorMunki Display" calibration device, installed the resulting color profile, enabled full color management in Firefox (gfx.color_management.mode=1).


Actual results:

Video is obviously not color corrected.

Expected results:

Video should be color corrected according to my monitor profile.
Component: Untriaged → Audio/Video
Product: Firefox → Core
Component: Audio/Video → Graphics: Layers
We have no immediate plans to implement this. Is there other software that does color correct video?
Keywords: feature
Whiteboard: [gfx-noted]
Yes: mpv (although not by default).
Type: defect → task
Summary: webm videos are not color managed → webm videos should be color corrected
Type: task → enhancement
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