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Option to build B2G as 32bit on a 64_32 multilib build target


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On some build targets Gecko does not build as 64bit correctly. 64bit Android is backwards compatible with 32bit binaries so while we fix Gecko for 64bit we can optionally build Gecko for devices as 32bit.

This means we don't have to hold those devices back until Gecko is fixed.

Set build flag: BUILD_MULTILIB_GECKO_AS_2ND_ARCH := true
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I've been using these patches for many weeks to build both 32bit and 64bit devices without issue!
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seems we need to wait here till the gonk changes also land with the bumper bot on mozilla-inbound
Hi, adam, Fabrice

i talked with my manager and sheriff stopped support for Fxos checkin needed requests per the tier3 change and so it would be cool if someone from the fxos group/cd group with level 3 scm access could take over this task for checkin needed requests. Thanks
fabrice could you (or someone else from the fxos team) land this to b2g-inbound so the both changes come together, since we sheriffs don't do checkin needed requests for fxos anymore (see comment #5)
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Adam, is there any particular order to land these?
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gonk-misc should land first because we're exporting a new variable to Gecko to set the $OUT path according to which ARCH we build against.

Existing builds will continue to work fine when gonk-misc is merged but gecko has not landed, but build will break if gecko is merged first due to lack of exported variable.
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Adding the second Gonk patch here in case my PR one day disappears.
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Firefox OS is not being worked on
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