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[e10s] Need to block Skype Click to Call users from participating in Beta 45 Telemetry Experiment


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Based on KaiRo's Findings: 
Bug 1210099 (mozilla::OriginAttributes::CreateSuffix) is 7.5% of all crashes in 45.0b1, almost all at startup, 5 crashes per installation, #1 Top Crash Score by far. All seem to have e10s on and most have Skype Click-to-Call installed.

To be fair, this is a pre-release channel so we also need to contact Skype about the crash
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So to do this I need the add-on id of the add-on mentioned, and possibly the version range unless we want all versions included.

Note that what we will do is to remove Skype Click-To-Call users from the experiment and return them to non-e10s.
Summary: [e10s] Need to block Skype Click to Call for Beta 45 Telemetry Experiment Participants → [e10s] Need to block Skype Click to Call users from participating in Beta 45 Telemetry Experiment
From KaiRo: 
82AF8DCA-6DE9-405D-BD5E-43525BDAD38A} is the ID, see and are crashing, and I think the latter is actually their newest version, from looking at the data we have

Thanks! Since both an older and the newer version are crashing, I'm inclined to block all version from the experiment.

From that comment, do we also want to block the avast add-on? Or wait and see?
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I have verified locally that a change in the filter.js file to return false does trigger an uninstall in the experiment system, and that our add-on code is correctly clearing the e10s pref when uninstalled.
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Note that we're in contact with Skype/Microsoft in bug 1215970. I'll let them know about this new crash.
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I guess if this helps we should do it. I doubt this add-on is actually responsible for the crash though.
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Depends on: 1245300
Block deployed. Users with this add-on id should be taken out of the experiment, as long as the crash doesn't happen too early in the startup that they can't get the updated manifest.
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