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Onclick event via keyboard does not set event.shiftKey to true


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Steps to reproduce:

Add event listener for `onclick` with `event` as a parameter in callback for a checkbox on page.

Tab into the checkbox

Press  Shift+Space to check

In callback, expect `event.shiftKey` to be true

(see : A multi-select checkbox with shift key)

Actual results:

While it did check the checkbox as expected, it did not set `event.shiftKey` to true

Expected results:

event.shiftKey = true
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This is a compatibility issue. Safari, Chrome, Opera, and Edge all set `shiftKey` to `true` even when the keyboard is used to toggle the checkbox.
I'm not aware of any spec defining this behavior.
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Does the same happen with alt, ctrl and meta keys too?
The ctrlKey does behave the same way as shiftKey under the same circumstances. However, Alt+Space is hard to tell because, at-least in windows, the context menu for the window has priority but I suspect it would behave similarly. I couldn't get the metaKey to work in any browser for some reason.
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This is still broken in Firefox 69 Quantum.

Spec schmeck, if the shift key is being pressed then shiftKey should be true (like it is in every other browser).

Here's a repro page:

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<button id="clickme">Click This Button With Spacebar and Shift</button>
		<textarea id="output" readonly="true" style="display:block; height:50em; width:75em;"></textarea>
			document.getElementById("clickme").addEventListener("click", function(event) {
				var message = "shiftKey: " + event.shiftKey;
				message += " / getModifierState(KeyboardEvent.DOM_VK_SHIFT): "+ event.getModifierState("Shift");
				function logIt(msg) {
					document.getElementById("output").value += msg + "\n";
			}), false;

Further to my comment above - shiftKey even works on click events in firefox (mouse click + shift).

It only doesn't work with spacebar + click.

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