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history pushState doesn't affect :target selector


(Core :: DOM: Navigation, defect)

Not set





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This bug is reported by Paul Irish at:
* Webkit -
* Chromium -

Steps to reproduce:
0. open
1. click "select two"
2. hash on url changes
3. click button to remove hash from url
4. :target selector is still active

What is the expected result?

Should remove the :target selector as the hash is no longer on the url

What happens instead?

Doesn't update the selector.  However, if you try location.hash = ''; button, it will remove the :target selector - therefore I'd expect the pushState to work the same.
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Product: Firefox → Core
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Well, there isn't any load event either if you push non-fragment state, yet documentURI changes.
pushState is a bit odd API, but so is all of history.*.

Given that browsers work consistently here, making a change would be very regression risky.
We should probably change the spec to clarify that no :target handling should happen in this case.
Component: DOM → Document Navigation
People, we're all in agreement that the current behavior is stupid right?

I've commented on the WHATWG ticket (1) suggesting we might be able to ascertain that this would be a safe breaking change (2) suggesting backwards-compatible fixes:
I agree we should just fix this.

The fix presumably means adding more calls to EventStateManager::SetContentState(..., NS_EVENT_STATE_URLTARGET) like the ones in PresShell::GoToAnchor.
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Well, these days filing a bug here is like making a note in Evernote or whatever online service. It won't ever get fixed. So you're probably better without open bugs. I'm closing this.
Closed: 4 years ago
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What! This hasn't been fixed, and there's been (mild) positive interest in fixing it from this and the other browser engines, and I found a workaround:

I think this should remain open, there's no reason this can't still be fixed
This is still a bug that needs to be fixed.
Resolution: WONTFIX → ---
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