Open Bug 1246903 Opened 4 years ago

Add a 'go to build...' action to other menu


(Testing :: mozregression, defect)

Not set


(Not tracked)



(Reporter: yfdyh000, Unassigned)


(Depends on 1 open bug)


For quick access to a suspected point, instead of gradually progressive to it. The trouble is more evident after ApproxPersistChooser emergence.

Will better: Reuse the mid-build dialog, mark and allow only show the downloaded packages, like a checkbox on the dialog.

One difficulty (possibility): Allows to enter a suspect build by any format (date/buildid/...), and any branch (repo), and don't break the workflow.

For example, when I found out a range in m-c, I view the push_log, I found a suspiciou commit in inbound branch. I should be able to directly test its surroundings (nearby builds in inbound branch), and don't break the workflow (if the both before and after builds is bad/good unity, return to the previous flow to continue).
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