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[Mac OS X] Last tab is cut off when toggling fullscreen and the overflow mechanism is displayed




Tabbed Browser
2 years ago
a year ago


(Reporter: adalucinet, Unassigned)


({polish, regression})

Mac OS X
polish, regression

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2 years ago
Created attachment 8717889 [details]

Affected versions: 44.0.2 (Build ID: 20160209150140), 45 beta 4 (Build ID: 20160208194709), latest Aurora 46.0a2 and Nightly 47.0a1 (from 2016-02-09)

Affected platforms: Mac OS X 10.9.5

Steps to reproduce:
1. Launch Firefox.
2. Open new tabs (Cmd+T) until the overflow scroll buttons are displayed.
3. Enter fullscreen.
4. Exit fullscreen.

Expected result: Tabs are properly displayed.

Actual result: The last tab is not fully visible.

Additional notes:
1. Screenshot attached (note that the behaviour is exactly the same with a clean profile/no theme installed).
2. Not reproducible under Ubuntu 12.04 x64, Windows 10 x86 nor Windows 7 x64.
3. Regression range:
Last good revision: d17480aae980fb6b44e68cef9f2aabeac89383f7
First bad revision: 10d47ad00e7a97160d74c5682605c7c82de606d0

Apparently regressed by 10d47ad00e7a Xidorn Quan — Bug 1161802
Flags: needinfo?(quanxunzhen)
I cannot reproduce this on OS X 10.10 with either Aurora or Nightly. Is it something specific to 10.9? adalucinet, can you reproduce this on other versions of OS X?
Flags: needinfo?(quanxunzhen) → needinfo?(alexandra.lucinet)

Comment 2

2 years ago
(In reply to Xidorn Quan [:xidorn] (UTC+8) from comment #1)
> I cannot reproduce this on OS X 10.10 with either Aurora or Nightly. Is it
> something specific to 10.9? adalucinet, can you reproduce this on other
> versions of OS X?

Sure - just checked on Mac OS X 10.10.5 with latest Nightly 47.0a1 and this issue is reproducible.
Flags: needinfo?(alexandra.lucinet)

Comment 3

2 years ago
xidorn, please let us know if you can repo.
Flags: needinfo?(quanxunzhen)
Like comment 1, I still cannot reproduce this issue.
Flags: needinfo?(quanxunzhen)

Comment 5

2 years ago
we'd like to confirm this is still around.
Keywords: polish, qawanted

Comment 6

2 years ago
(In reply to Jim Mathies [:jimm] from comment #5)
> we'd like to confirm this is still around.

Yes, this issue is still around - just reproduced it with latest 48.0a1 (from 2016-04-05), under Mac OS X 10.10.5.
status-firefox48: --- → affected
Keywords: qawanted


2 years ago
status-firefox44: affected → wontfix
status-firefox45: affected → wontfix
status-firefox46: affected → wontfix
Component: Layout → Tabbed Browser
Product: Core → Firefox


2 years ago
status-firefox47: affected → wontfix
Created attachment 8740140 [details]
Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 4.21.25 PM.png

I can also reproduce this in 47 on 10.11.4.
Hmmm, wait, so you mean the browser full screen mode, not fullscreen video or something? I misunderstood the scope of this bug.


a year ago
status-firefox48: affected → fix-optional
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