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undo/redo doesn't work after copy/pasting a table [contenteditable]


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Steps to reproduce:

in select the whole first table with the mouse, ten copy it (ctrl+c), then place the cursor after the 3 dots, and paste it (ctrl+v)

after that undo (ctrl+z) will remove the second row of the pasted table, the first row remains, redo (ctrl+y) won't work

it actually corrupt/lose the whole undo history after pasting the table

possibly related:

Actual results:

pasted <table> isn't undo-able, undo history is lost

Expected results:

it should have worked like any other html content pasted, being undo/redo-able
Component: Untriaged → Editor
Product: Firefox → Core
In nsHTMLEditor::ReplaceOrphanedStructure, we loop over |aNodeArray| removing nodes and checking if it is a descendant of the replacement node. If it is not, then the loop breaks but we continue to append the replacement node onto the list. I don't understand the overall picture of what this code is trying to do but that part looks wrong. It results in the same element being in |aNodeArray| twice (the replacement node is one of the nodes in the list). This results in creating multiple InsertNodeTxn for the same node. When we undo, the first transaction for the node will succeed, but the next one will fail (because the node is no longer a child).
Whiteboard: dom-triaged
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Only replace nodes in nsHTMLEditor::ReplaceOrphanedStructure if all nodes in node list are descendants of replacement node

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Please add a test too.  Thanks!
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Added test
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