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Live sample code boxes need horizontal scrolling way too often


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I have seen this in JavaScript section where lines of code/comment tend to grow horizontally. Even at 73 characters or so, a horizontal bar appears which makes for a bad experience.

Take any page, say, .

There are three main parts of a documentation page:
1. a contextual left-side bar.
2. a main content bar.
3. a right side in-this-article bar.

Due to 3-way partition of important on-screen real estate, content bar/column gets squished and thus horizontal bar appears.

Possible solutions:
1. Reduce the size of right side in-this-article bar/column. OR
2. Completely remove in-this-article and instead conditionally position fix (thus floating) in-this-article button. On clicking, it will fetch same list. For accessibility, put in-this-article box before article, and for user agents that have JS access, float it.
Yeah, this is a known issue that needs to be addressed. We have been debating possible solutions, including the ones you suggest (or similar).

I think this probably will be moved over to the MDN wiki platform bug list, but I'd like a second opinion, since it's at least hypothetically possible to resolve this in content.
Well, I don't see a bug for this in existence, so I'm making this a blocker for the live sample system meta bug.
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Summary: Code part of the documentation has to be scrolled horizontally. → Live sample code boxes need horizontal scrolling way too often
Blocks: 1050930
No longer blocks: 1050930
I think will be addressed once the TOC is not stealing horizontal space anymore.
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