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[meta] Prototype a native login manager


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As a complement to the native Java storage layer vivek and I are building in Bug 946857, we'd like to prototype a native login manager -- that is, a native replacement for about:logins.

I hate to hang yet another meta ticket off a large meta ticket, but here we are.
antlam: vivek and I are starting to think about mentoring pieces of this.  Have you ever worked up native mocks for this?  Can you have a first pass?  I'm thinking:

* list view;
* how to select one and possibly select many;
* what an edit dialog looks like;
* whether this should be a material-like UI, or something different.

I know this is a big ask, somewhat from left-field, but even a little guidance would let us experiment.
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Sounds interesting! Some of the original functionality that we wanted to get in about:logins was limited by the fact that it wasn't native. So there are some leftover bits we could start with.

I'll have a dig for some bugs later, but a few valuable UX things to start on would be:

- long-pressing on 1 item to trigger "select mode" (action bar active) 
 -- subsequent single-presses will "select" the item rather than open the dialog
 -- For example, Gmail does this when you single-press on the email threads icon (on the left)
- having the simple dialog (the one with Show, copy, edit, delete) show directly below the item the user touches
- add option to use phone's lock (PIN, pattern, etc) as master password

Barbara may have some product insight too
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Attached image prev_pw_mock3.png
This is what I mean by "having the simple dialog show directly below the item the user touches" :) hope this helps get things started!
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(In reply to Anthony Lam (:antlam) from comment #3)
> Created attachment 8721518 [details]
> prev_pw_mock3.png
> This is what I mean by "having the simple dialog show directly below the
> item the user touches" :) hope this helps get things started!

Thanks antlam.  vivek, talks about the action bar approach.  Have a crack at it?
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By the way, we just built and shipped this for iOS; Robin might have some pointers.
- My first question is "Why"? 
- What problem are we trying to solve?
- Are we trying to increase engagement or fix issues because people are not using our login manager?

See for some activity.
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(In reply to Barbara Bermes [:barbara] from comment #6)
> - My first question is "Why"? 
> - What problem are we trying to solve?

I'm trying to improve the experience of folks who manage their passwords.  We put a non-trivial amount of effort into about:logins, and I don't think it was particularly successful.  I don't have data to support that claim, but I haven't looked for said data.  Certainly the experience doesn't feel polished to me, or even coherent with the rest of our application.

I've talked with antlam several times about making this a mentored project.  Vivek is well versed in the underlying data store and interested in picking this up.  To do so, we'd like a little of antlam's time to set direction.  It's a good fit as a mentor project, since there's prior art (in the form of about:logins) and it stands alone from the application (at least at first).  Hence, *prototype* a native login manager.
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wanted to check in and see how far Vivek has come with this, any progress?
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Hi Barbara,

I have 3 students working on this project. However, due to ongoing semester exams they have not worked on this project for past 2 weeks. I should be able to report back with some progress in two week. Please let me know if there is high priority for this project, so that the students can finish this work within deadline.
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no worries, just keep me posted once you know more :)
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The meta keyword is there, the bug doesn't depend on other bugs and there is no activity for 12 months.
:sdaswani, maybe it's time to close this bug?
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Yeah, we're definitely not going to do this.  Or rather... it's called Lockbox for Android!
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