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Create SUMO article to help and explain Migration of RL


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There's a "Learn more" link in the Reading List panel after this change happens that we can have lead to a SUMO article. This can be where we point users to if they'd like to know more.

I've also included a screenshot of the slide I'm talking about.

Barbara, do you think we need this still?
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Yes, I believe this is very helpful, unless we normally don't provide more info if we consolidate/remove things from the app. What did we do with the one other panel we changed? Did we have a SUMO for that?
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I don't remember now. But I think Roland or Joni would be the people we need to loop in here :)
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i don't remember but I don't think we have a SUMO KB article for changing about:home panels :barbara
:jsavage do you remember? anyhow we can do some sort of SUMO KB Article for this
:jsavage any thoughts
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Which other panel was removed? If it's an added feature, we do write new SUMO articles.

In this case, it looks like we just need to change this article:

Which version of Firefox will this happen?
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I believe it's being targetted for 47 ATM, but I'll redirect to Barbara to confirm :)
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(In reply to Joni Savage ("need info" me) from comment #4)
> Which other panel was removed? If it's an added feature, we do write new
> SUMO articles.

It's only the RL panel.
As per Margaret, this is more looking like 48 now.
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Got it. If you'd like an in-product link, you can use this one:

The preceding link will redirect to this page (to be updated):

If we need a more specific article that explains the migration, let me know. It will still be the same in-product link, but I will change the target article.
Friendly ping on the status here Joni :)
Hi Antlam, we have the content planned for 48 beta. Do we need it sooner? If so, we can bump it up sooner.
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I'm going to toss this over to Barbara just to be sure.

But looking at our Aha board (, the migration work is happening in 48.
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Should be all set and good for 48, thanks for checking Joni.
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