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Register "android-gradle-build-dependencies" and "android-api-15-frontend" in testing/taskcluster/branches/*yml


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Bug 1247170 landed a Docker image building task in the tree, and a dependency fetching task using that image.  I was running it in try, but I can't land the branch definitions because they conflict with eslint (see the backouts on that ticket for details).

Subsequently, I landed Bug 1247375, which adds a new Android build job -- similar to the existing android-api-15 and android-b2gdroid build jobs -- using the dependencies fetched by the task above.  I'm not ready to schedule that job on everywhere, and I don't understand how to limit it yet.

This ticket tracks using the results of Bug 1245953, or an alternate method, to allow running both jobs in try when explicitly requested -- but not running the jobs in response to "-p all", which isn't appropriate for these experimental jobs.
The review request there is what I was testing with, but it doesn't actually work in production due to the conflicts with the eslint task I cribbed it from.  I think updating product_name would address this, but I'd rather get something more robust in place.
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This at least starts running the frontend job, just like android-b2gdroid.  However, the display is off.  Looking at, I don't see the platform formatted correctly -- I see "android-4-0-armv7-api15-f opt".  I don't know how to flag this as Tier 2, either.  I'll circulate a note to the sheriffs tomorrow if this sticks.

edmorley: can you suggest how to improve the display above, or redirect me to a person/ticket that shows what I need to do?  Thanks!
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Ah, new platforms need to be added to:

As for indicating that a job is tier-2, I'm not sure - :camd will know :-)
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You can add this key to the task definition to have it show up as tier 2...
Thanks Greg.  Yeah, that's the best way for Task Cluster, I think.  You can also add the job to the "Tier-2" exclusion profile.  Keep in mind, though, for both of these, it will ONLY affect new jobs.  Older ones ingested as Tier-1 will stay that way.
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