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"Bookmark all tabs" leaves the "name" property empty


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Steps to reproduce:

- created a new, empty profile
- changed privacy settings to my needs
- opened a few tabs
- selected "Bookmark all tabs" from the first tab's context menu
- checked the creatred bookmarks

Actual results:

The bookmark folder was successfully created, but all of the contained bookmarks had an empty "name".

Expected results:

All of the bookmarks should have the "name" set.

There already was a discussion about this topic here: and according to that discussion, the behaviour of the bookmark creation depends on the privacy settings and if the page is already in history or not.

I think all of this should not matter. As long as the page DOM contains a title, it should be used for the "name" property of the bookmark. An empty "name" would only be OK if the page in the tab was not yet loaded because of the browser setting "don't load tabs until selected".

Bookmarks with empty "name" cause problems with jetpack addOn's that try to search bookmarks. But even after this jetpack bug is fixed, I still would prefer having the "name" set in my bookmarks as it is often much more descriptive than the URL.
(In reply to Markus.N from comment #0)
> - changed privacy settings to my needs

What are your privacy settings to reproduce the issue?
Component: Untriaged → Bookmarks & History
Flags: needinfo?(kubuntu-user)
[X] Request that sites not track you
[X] Use Tracking Protection in Private Windows

Firefox will: [Use custom settings for history]
| ] Always use private browsing mode
    [ ] Remember my browsing and download history
    [ ] Remember search and form history
    [X] Accept cookies from sites
        Accept third-party cookies: [Always]
        Keep until: [They expire]
    [ ] Clear history when Firefox closes

Location Bar
When using the location bar, suggest:
  [ ] History
  [X] Bookmarks
  [X] Open tabs

Oh yes, and in "General" / "Startup", I've chosen
When Firefox starts: [Show my windos and tabs from last time]

Not sure if my "General" setting matters too, but in the support discussion I mentioned, there was also some information that it can make a difference if the tabs were opened in this session or taken over from previous session. I also think that this should not make a difference when it comes to bookmarking.
Flags: needinfo?(kubuntu-user)
This is covered by Bug 446171 and Bug 754623.
since Bug 446171 is fixed, let's dupe this to the remaining Bug 754623
Closed: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
I don't think this is really aduplicate of that bug.
In my tests, I could clearly see that the effect depends on the privacy settings of the "History" and the "Location Bar" sections.

Even when all tabs have been clicked (and therefore been loaded), the "name" property is left empty.
(In reply to Markus.N from comment #5)
> In my tests

Are you testing with the latest Nightly? What you are describing is Bug 446171 which has only just recently been fixed there and will take time to reach stable release.
No, I'm working with the newest official release.
I'v never built Firefox. But I'm always updating very soon.
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