Disabling "Tabbed Browsing" should be available and removes option from context menu



17 years ago
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(Reporter: mb_add, Assigned: mpt)


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17 years ago
For the users, who do not want to use the "Tabbed Browser" interface, there
should be a method to disable it.  When disabled, the options should be removed
from the context (right click) menu.  This makes sure users do not open a web
page in a browser tab by accident.  (Usability issue)

It also means that the context menu (right click for windows) has only the
necessary options.  This makes the menu more managable with currently 20 items
(full install) available when right clicking on a link.

Comment 1

17 years ago
-> user interface design
Assignee: jaggernaut → mpt
Component: Tabbed Browser → User Interface Design
Ever confirmed: true
QA Contact: sairuh → zach

Comment 2

17 years ago
As with bug 116987, this bug needs to be updated due to new menus that have been
implemented in the latest builds.  Does the now decreased clutter alleviate this
bug (WFM), or does reporter still wish a preference to not show Tab options at all?

Personally, I would oppose this.  If somebody always uses Tabs, and never opens
new Windows, should there also be a preference to never show any "New Window"
options in the context menus?  I think it makes more sense to show both, to make
people aware that they both exist.

Comment 3

17 years ago
I am currently using Mozilla release 0.9.9 and I see usability issues regarding
the context menu.  The context menu for a link consists of 20 options which
seems excessive for a context menu but considering that tabbed browsing is only
1 'option', maybe this is less of an issue.  However that being said I see some
benefit to allow users to disable 'tabbed' browsing when they do not use/want it.

The "Preferences" dialog sub-menu "Tabbed Browsing" could have a checkbox which
removes the following options in affect disabling Tabbed Browsing:  
 - the context menu item "Open in New Tab"
 - the menu item:    File -> New -> Navigator Tab

Comment 4

17 years ago
I can't STAND tabbed browsing, the whole concept is completely retarded- you
already have taskbar, no point in having another one. I didn't mind it at first,
but now in RC1, Open Link in New Tab has some how snuck up over New Window in
the context menu. 

If tabbed-browsing nazis want people using it, have it on by default, but
please, please let people atleast take it out of the context menus!

Comment 5

17 years ago
Mozilla 1 RC1 Build 200204
In opposition I may say the same thing about MDI browsing. I prefer tabbed
browsing. Think a whole preference should be set related to this in the
Preferences. Something like: "Default browsing mode: Tabbed / Idependent windows".

For example if I click a link in an email (or any other application), I don't
want a new window opened but a new tab (of course, if Mozilla is already
running). The same goes for pop-up windows, I prefer pop-up tabs.

Also some way for reordering tabs (drag and drop). And also saving current set
of tabs would be great (like NetCaptor's NetGroups).

Comment 6

17 years ago
Posting your personal preference for either tabbed or windowed browsing doesn't
really help, you will _not_ be able to convice the other of your point.

I think it should be possible to choice which type of browsing you want as
default, and this default should appear on top in both the context menu and the
File -> New menu.

The situation at the moment is very strange because the context menu defaults to
tabbed browsing while the File -> New menu default to windowed browsing.

Comment 7

17 years ago
Having the inconsistency of having "Open Link in New ..." for the context menu
being different than the "File -> New" menu is confusing and a nuissance.  That
being said, do 'Tabs' add more potential issues compared to its functionality? 
With Tabbed Browsing being relatively new to Mozilla (compared to Window
browsing), is it something that should be tightly integrated or an option?  I
believe something which is well used (therefore tested) should be the
'standard'. Anything else should be an option.

I base my idea partially on some assumptions made about Tabbed Browsing issues
(which may or may not still exist):
  - if a modal window loads for a tab, should it appear over another tab
  - javascript's window.close, does it close just the tab or the window?
  - switching between SSL tabs and regular HTTP browsing (security issues)
  - support of plugin architecture (plugins which use entire window)

Comment 8

17 years ago
Opened bug 149297.

Comment 9

17 years ago
Opened bug 150379 - make the existing "tab bar" into a proper Toolbar, accessed
via the View menu.  If it's checked on, that means you want to use tab browsing,
if not, you don't.  (And its checked status would determine if you ever see any
tab browsing UI elsewhere.)
Should we remove all bookmark UI if people don't use bookmarks? And remove all
mention of "back" and "forward" for users who never go back and forwards? (Like
me, for instance.) And remove all "Save As" commands from menus for users who
don't ever save documents? Hiding commands increases support costs and
complexity for new users ("I use to have these options but now they've gone").
Modal UI is considered very poor form in general.

I think this RFE is silly, personally.
Whiteboard: WONTFIX?

Comment 11

17 years ago
Since tab UI would be on be default, and a user would have to make a conscious
effort to turn it off (in some fashion) I don't see why the UI elements suddenly
having "disappeared" would be an issue.  The users would know why they
disappeared (because they bugged them and turned them off), and would know how
to easily turn them back on again (just reverse whatever pref of design UI
turned them off in the first place).

I don't agree that "Save As" and "Bookmarks" are a good analogy here.  People
will use both of those both in a tabless version of the browser AND in a tabbed
version of the browser.  However, non-tabbed browsing and tabbed browsing seem
two distinct modes of approaching the entire "experience" to me.

(Note: I'm arguing for this bug on principle only, since I use tabbed browsing
all the time.  But I still think that those who don't have a point.)

Comment 12

17 years ago
Save As and Bookmarks aren't nearly as obtrusive as Tabbed browsing is. You can
get (or make a) theme to get rid of buttons you dislike anyway. Tabbed browsing,
to me, is as useless as the Sidebar, it just gets in my way- but you can atleast
collapse and even completely remove the Sidebar.

For someone like me (and many of my friends) who open almost every link in a new
window and have been used to it being the first option for YEARS, it makes it
extremely irritating.


16 years ago
Blocks: 161466
"Open in New Window" still _is_ the first option.

This should definitely be WONTFIX. We have too many prefs, and don't need some
to hide chrome. That would just be too confusing.

Comment 14

16 years ago
The module owner has decided that "We're not going to add a pref to hide or
disable tabbed browsing UI" (bug 161466 comment 26).

Marking WONTFIX.
Last Resolved: 16 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX

Comment 15

16 years ago
Same comment as bug 149297 comment 45:

Jag is the module owner of UI design?  I had thought that MPT was the module
owner here.  This is not a tabbed browsing issue specifically.

I will not reopen this bug, but I would like some explicit clarification.  (I
feel that you may have marked it WONTFIX out of personal preference rather than
for procedural reasons - even if Jag really is the module owner, it should be up
to him to mark it WONTFIX, not you.)
jag owns tabbed browsing. the module owner makes the decisions, not ui design owner.
note that jag isn't even cc'd here.

Comment 17

16 years ago
> note that jag isn't even cc'd here.

Correct he isn't.  So what he said in some other bug shouldn't have any affect
on this one.

The person to whom this bug has been Assigned is MPT - not Jag.  The Component
here is User Interface Design - not Tabbed Browser. 


16 years ago
Component: User Interface Design → Browser-General
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
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