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Make test_basic_pan work on more platforms


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test_basic_pan.html is an APZ mochitest that tests touch-based panning. It only runs on B2G which means it no longer runs in automation. We can make it run in Fennec and possibly Linux without too much trouble, I think. I have patches for bug 1249915 that allow synthesizing native touch events on both of those platforms. I think for Fennec we need to make sure the APZ:TransformEnd notification gets broadcast properly; right now it is only sent in the child process which Fennec doesn't have. We should probably move it to be a observer notification instead.
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::: gfx/layers/apz/test/mochitest/test_basic_pan.html
@@ +45,5 @@
>          // events get held up. Try to prevent that by making long-taps require
>          // a 10 second hold.
>          ["ui.click_hold_context_menus.delay", "10000"],
> +        // The subtests in this test do touch-drags to pan the page, but we don't
> +        // want those pans to turn into fling animations, so we increase the

Why wasn't this an issue on existing platforms where the test ran?
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> Why wasn't this an issue on existing platforms where the test ran?

The fling physics constants might have come into play. The fling that I was seeing was very small, and only on Linux/Windows. In mobile.js (Fennec) that pref is already a little higher than in all.js and so on Fennec I never saw the fling happen. Presumably on B2G one of the other friction constants was preventing the fling, but I didn't actually check.
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Back out changeset 027c6cc12078 (bug 1249943) for making test_basic_pan.html permafail (timeout) on Linux, on a CLOSED TREE.
Backed out for making test_basic_pan.html permafail on Linux.  (I didn't look closely at other platforms; there may have been other failures as well.)

I hope it was safe that I didn't also back out bug 1249748.
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Thanks dbaron! I forgot to disable the test for non-APZ configurations, so it was failing in Linux non-e10s mochitest only. I'll update and reland.
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I put the same APZ-enabled and window.TouchEvent guards into the test that I had in test_tap.html
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