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Inline the tiny bit of RunExpiredTimeouts that CancelAllTimeouts cares about into CancelAllTimeouts


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This makes it easier to reason about what CancelAllTimeouts can actually do (e.g. it cannot throw a JS exception).
If you walk through what RunExpiredTimeouts used to when called from here do
carefully, it used to do the following:

1)  If mRunningExpiredTimeouts, no-op.
2)  Not run anything, because everything is canceled.
3)  Remove everything from mTimeouts, since everything is canceled.
4)  Since mTimeouts is now empty, modify the busy count and set mTimerRunning to false.

None of this could report a JS exception, so the JS_ReportPendingException call
in CancelAllTimouts was dead code.  Note that the return value of
RunExpiredTimeouts only affected whether JS_ReportPendingException is called, so
we don't even need to worry about ModifyBusyCountFromWorker failing: that
failure used to be silently swallowed.
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part 1.  Change WorkerPrivate::CancelAllTimeouts to no longer call RunExpiredTimeouts

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::: dom/workers/WorkerPrivate.cpp
@@ +5190,1 @@
>      mTimerRunning = false;

We do this because CancelAllTimeouts could be called multiple times (if, for example we're notified at different levels as we attempt to kill the thread more severely, and the worker thread is not scheduled until they are all in the queue).  If that happens, we'll try to run *this* code multiple times.  And the assertion that we have a timer will fail.
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> And the assertion that we have a timer will fail.

Ah, indeed.  Documented.
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