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mach web-platform-tests-create is really slow and kind of nonsensical


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It takes a good 90 seconds to do something, which is odd.  And then it opens the browser and runs the test I haven't written yet, which of course times out.  What's up with this?
The slowness is because the manifest generation has to scan every existing web-platorm-test; it doesn't know how to do incremental updates. Opening the test in a browser is by design; it's sort of assumed that at some point after you have created the test you will want to make sure it gives the expected result, so preemptively opening it is a sensible thing to do even though it will typically need a reload.

I agree that improvements are possible here of course. In particular supporting incremental manifest updates would help.
Component: mach → web-platform-tests
Product: Core → Testing
Ok, yeah, it would be really nice if it just added my test instead of verifying all the manifests (which the leads to things like :P )
It would be nice if the template contained a trivial passing test.

I'd also like it if the new test was automatically added to revision control, but I guess handling this for both git and hg would be painful.
Severity: normal → S3
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