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[css-grid] Avoid copying the mCols / mRows elements from SharedGridData to GridReflowState for continuations


(Core :: Layout: Grid, defect, P4)





(Reporter: MatsPalmgren_bugz, Unassigned)



(Keywords: perf)

Follow-up from bug 1144096 comment 36:

dholbert> Why do we need to make our own private copy of the mCols & mRows arrays here
dholbert> (distinct from the shared data)?

Because we don't have shared data for the first-in-flow (and won't create
it unless it's needed).  I guess we could swap the array elements while
reflowing continuations and then swap them back after we're done.  I'll
have to review the code to see if that's possible (i.e. that all changes
done to the GridReflowState copy is what we want to share).
I've added a XXX comment for now.  I'll address this in a follow-up bug.

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Assignee: MatsPalmgren_bugz → nobody
Severity: minor → S4
Component: Layout → Layout: Grid
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