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Remove Gingerbread Flash interfaces


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We're going to stop supporting Gingerbread, so we can rip out all of the Flash support code for that too.
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I think this kills everything we safely can.
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We can also remove AndroidBridge::AddPluginView, the code that calls it in nsPluginInstanceOwner, and the java side of things in GeckoAppShell and friends.

::: dom/plugins/base/android/ANPBase.h
@@ -26,1 @@
>  void InitCanvasInterface(ANPCanvasInterfaceV0 *i);

Do we still need this? Hopefully not?
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Alright, removed AndroidBridge::AddPluginView and all related code that I could find. I don't think the Canvas stuff can be killed off, though.
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Proposed patch (updated)

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Oops. I just realized we still need some of this stuff for full screen mode. I steered you wrong, sorry! Your original patch is probably about as good as we can do for now.
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