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[config] and need own autoconfig server



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(Whiteboard: [top-missing-domain][config] No usable SMTP server)

+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #552377 +++

Due to, cannot be included into Thunderbird ISPDB. To improve the user experience, it would be nice from to have their own autoconfig server.
Duplicate of this bug: 552377
Will get in touch with support today. More info about how ISPDB works is here:
The request has been registered by, but they have currently no plans for implementing it. I asked to at least remove subdomain, which is not returning any response, but also does not close the connection, resulting in very long account set up in Thundebird. I will post here any updates.
I gave it another try and reported the issue with again today.
There has been no reply to my request. Last try to contact support via e-mail.
According to today response, it's pending technical department.
Sending a query for status update once again.
Flags: needinfo?(mstanke)
No update since the last ping. Another try today, probably the last one, as they haven't done anything with this almost a year.
Flags: needinfo?(mstanke)
Summary: [config] ( and needs own autoconfig server → [config], and need own autoconfig server (working one)
Tried to contact them today, but nobody from their support connected to the chat. Send them an e-mail again.

If they do not respond until the next week, I will Tweet them, or more probably write an article about how to workaround the issue with autoconfiguration and Tweet them too. ;)
The malfunction has been fixed (removed from DNS) and configuration works via and are still missing the configuration, but at least nothing is broken.
Summary: [config], and need own autoconfig server (working one) → [config] and need own autoconfig server
According to the latest answer, there is no ETA for autoconfig server for or

Unassigning myself, as there is nothing I can do here now.
Assignee: mstanke → nobody
Thank you for your evangelism efforts on this bug, :MikkCZ!
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