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[jsdbg2] js::Debugger::FrameRange is terrifyingly unsafe in the name of unnecessary perf




3 years ago
3 years ago


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3 years ago
js::Debugger::FrameRange should be replaced by a function that populates a provided Handle<GCVector<NativeObject*>> with the Debugger.Frame objects referring to a given AbstractFramePtr.

js::Debugger::FrameRange holds pointers into random Debuggers' frame hash tables and iterates over a GlobalObject's DebuggerVector. If a FrameRange lives while anything causes the hash table or the debuggees to change, all hell will break loose. And the amount of laziness it provides isn't even valuable; in almost all cases, there will be exactly one Debugger to look through anyway.

See 1252464 for an example of the sort of chaos this encourages.

Producing a rooted vector would be easy to use, and much more robust.
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