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First urlbar suggestion shows wrong favicon if bookmarked site changes previous favicon


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>>>   My Info:   Win7_64, Nightly 48, 32bit, ID 20160308030418
STR (the easiest way):
1. Create new profile, launch it.
2. Open library, export bookmarks from attached file "bookmarks 1"
3. (!) Copy string "" in clipboard
4. Open new tab, paste the string copied in Step 3 into urlbar.
5. Press Enter. Wait until the site is loaded
6. Open new tab, paste the string copied in Step 3 into urlbar.

 After Step 4 the first suggestion displays default favicon (kind of expected)
 After Step 6 the first suggestion displays wrong favicon

 After Step 6 the first suggestion should display correct favicon
Priority: -- → P4
Whiteboard: [fxsearch]
Blocks: 1262507
Priority: P4 → P5
The original issue was that one sites changed their favicons, and urlbar started to show wrong favicon
I tested scenario (comment 0) to test if it's really happens, and it is. Now I have even more examples
of that (i.e. sites like and changed their favicons), and is't
quite obvious now that the bug does happen.

NI? because the very first prioritization was probably made w/o full understanding of the issue.
Note that I use Nightly 2016-05-26 on daily basis
Flags: needinfo?(adw)
Summary: First urlbar suggestion shows wrong favicon if user created/exported bookmark of a site with previous favicon → First urlbar suggestion shows wrong favicon if bookmarked site changes previous favicon
I'm not sure what's happening here but bumping up the priority is OK with me.

I can't reproduce comment 0.  I get the default favicon after step 4 like you say, but after step 6 I get the green puzzle piece favicon, which looks like the correct current favicon of AMO.

But I don't doubt that Firefox shows an old favicon after a site has changed it.  There are several related issues.  I haven't looked deeply at the favicon service in a long time and I know that Marco has better off-hand insight than me.

* Favicons expire after a certain period of time, so ideally you would see the old favicon at the longest only for that period, assuming you visit the site again so that Firefox can capture the new favicon.

* Ideally when you visit a site, Firefox would detect if its copy of the favicon is different from the site's current favicon.  I don't know off-hand if it does that.

* I don't remember off-hand if the first "heuristic" result chooses its favicon differently from the other results.  Based on UnifiedComplete.js I think it does, at least the code paths are different.  Are the other results using the new favicon?

* I think I remember that favicons are stored per page/URL, not per domain?  i.e., they're annotations corresponding to moz_places IDs.  Again I don't recall off-hand.
Ever confirmed: true
Flags: needinfo?(adw)
Priority: P5 → P4
Priority: P4 → P3

This doesn't look actionable as-is, the favicon shown in the urlbar doesn't necessarily need to the be live one, icons are expired after about 7 days and only if the page is reloaded. This is expected, there are other bugs asking a way to force refreshing the stored favicons (with SHIFT+RELOAD for example) that are better suited for that issue.

Closed: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
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