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Support MS javascript obfuscator (language="JScript.Encode")


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Microsoft offers a tool to obfuscate javascript within a web page (see above
URL).  The result is an encoded script that uses a SCRIPT
LANGUAGE="JScript.Encode" tag.  The algorithm for decoding the script is given

Ideally, mozilla should handle this type of encoded script for maximum
interoperability.  Even better would be an option to display the decoded script,
perhaps in the View Source window.
cc'ing Brendan, jband, Mitch, Harish on this RFE. I suspect this would
involve a big effort across the browser; so is JS Engine the right place
for this request?
Assignee: rogerl → khanson
Ever confirmed: true
This is nowhere near core JS engine territory -- it's a content sink issue. 
Phil, can you reassign?  I suspect this will be "not a priority, we are
accepting patches as usual" situation.

we don't support jscript, and we don't currently support chm, imo this has a 
much lower priority than that.

However, perhaps we can talk with the author of the url which I selected.

I think it might be value added if we decoded the source in the view source 
window. (I'm still almost opposed to actually running the script, although I 
don't mind reading it...)
> mozilla should handle this type of encoded script for maximum interoperability.

Yeah, let's support VBScript, too. And ActiveX.


If the author is trying to hide something and uses MSIE's properitary stuff,
it's probably something we don't want to be infected with.
The more that stuff is supported, the more it's used. Don't support it, let
Microsoft's non-standard and wrong-guided stuff just die.
View source could decode this... if it kept track of whether it was supposedly
in a script tag and had a lot of cruft added to it.  This is definitely a
content sink issue (ccing jst), and I would suggest simply wontfixing this bg.
This is really low priority for most of us, but hey, it's open source, so if
you've got an itch, scratch it. If someone wants to contribute a patch, great.
If a site uses obfuscated JS, they obviously intend it to work only on IE, so
they probably also do some IE-specific DOM calls with no client-sniffer, which
means that even if we unscramble these scripts they probably won't run. But
again, I certainly won't object if someone wants to do it.
As Brendan said, this is not JS Engine and will undoubtedly affect
more than one component. Reassigning to Browser-General until we 
can decide whether we want to do this or not. 

As stated above, if someone wants to contribute a patch, it will be 
reviewed -
Assignee: khanson → asa
Component: JavaScript Engine → Browser-General
QA Contact: pschwartau → doronr
->nobody.  If someone wants to take this and work on a patch feel free to do so
but there are currently no resources (that I know of) interested in making this
Assignee: asa → nobody
Summary: [RFE] Support MS javascript obfuscator (encoder) → Support MS javascript obfuscator (encoder)
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Summary: Support MS javascript obfuscator (encoder) → Support MS javascript obfuscator (language="JScript.Encode")
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
Attached patch patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
patch for aviary branch.
just for fun.
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Alias: chm
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This patch no longers applies.
Attachment #168840 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Looking at the patch, I don't think that we can take this code into the mozilla
CVS repository. Asking Gerv for a definitive answer.
I don't think we should fix this even if we had a patch.  Script obfuscation is a case of misleading content authors, at best, and we shouldn't help its (very rare) use become more common.
The license of that code is too vague and has too many uncertainties (do you have the right to modify the code, for example?) for us to take.

I agree with Shaver - we don't even want to try and support this. Better an obvious "this type of script isn't supported" failure than a hard to debug problem when it hits the first IE-only construct.

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Support MS javascript obfuscator (language="JScript.Encode").
Javascript obfuscator
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