Scratchpad scrollbar should be at the edge (Fitts' Law)



3 years ago
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3 years ago
1. (On MS Windows at least) open "Menu | Developer | Scratchpad"
2. Maximize the Scratchpad window
3. There is spacing between the scrollbar and the edge of the monitor so clicking on the edge does nothing.
pete: Just tried your scenario on Windows 7, I definitely see an issue, but not sure it's the same as you:
- open scratchpad
- add enough text to have a vertical scrollbar
- maximize the window
- move the mouse cursor to the right edge of the screen 
(at this step, the mouse cursor becomes the horizontal resize handle)
- click

The click does nothing, as you said but I can't really see any spacing. The only peculiar symptom I see is this resize cursor when the mouse cursor is on the edge.

If what you experience is different could you post a screenshot and add the windows version you are testing on ? Thanks!

(My guess is that the mouse cursor is actually sitting on the "Inspect" panel splitter. By default this panel is collapsed until you click on inspect. The clicks are probably swallowed by the splitter here.)
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(I guess the spacing you referred to was 1px, hard to see with the dark theme's floating scrollbars)

Same issue can be seen on other devtools modules : Debugger, Console, StyleEditor, Network, Storage, Performance... Basically every module that has a right panel collapsed.
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3 years ago
Your repro is exactly what I'm seeing.

Another problem I just discovered is that there is 2px spacing on the left of the scrollbar. e.g. if you move the mouse from the text widget on the left to the scrollbar on the right, the mouse cursor changes from an I-beam to an arrow but it takes 2 more pixels of movement to the right to actually get the scrollbar to respond to clicks.
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4 months ago
Product: Firefox → DevTools
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