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Remove JS_THIS_OBJECT from dom/xpconnect

I had to keep computeThis in FunctionForwarder, XPC_WN_Shared_ToString and XPC_WN_CallMethod otherwise I got a lot of orange.

Apparently we have tests that do stuff like `var x = Components.something; x()` , where |this| isn't important, but we should not throw.
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Remove JS_THIS_OBJECT from mozStorageStatementJSHelper

I am really not quite sure how is responsible for this code.
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Remove JS_THIS_OBJECT from js

Review of attachment 8961441 [details] [diff] [review]:


::: js/src/ctypes/CTypes.h
@@ +181,5 @@
>  DeflateStringToUTF8Buffer(JSContext* maybecx, const CharT* src, size_t srclen,
>                            char* dst, size_t* dstlenp);
> +bool
> +IncompatibleThisProto(JSContext* cx, const char* funName, HandleValue actualVal);

I don't see where this one is used. Maybe it can stay `static`.
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Remove JS_THIS_OBJECT from dom/xpconnect

>+++ b/dom/bindings/BindingUtils.cpp
>+    JS_ReportErrorASCII(cx, "Called on incompatible |this|");

How about: "QueryInterface called with a non-object |this|"?

>+++ b/dom/plugins/base/nsJSNPRuntime.cpp
>+    ThrowJSExceptionASCII(cx, "Called on incompatible object!");

How about: "plug-in method called with non-object |this|"?

> XPC_WN_Shared_ToString(JSContext* cx, unsigned argc, Value* vp)
>+        JS_ReportErrorASCII(cx, "Called on incompatible |this|");

Please have the error message say _what_ got called.  Presumably toString off an xpconnect object...

>@@ -176,9 +180,11 @@ XPC_WN_DoubleWrappedGetter(JSContext* cx
>+        JS_ReportErrorASCII(cx, "Called on incompatible |this|");

Again, more info about what got called would sure be useful.

>@@ -894,9 +900,12 @@ XPC_WN_CallMethod(JSContext* cx, unsigne
>+        JS_ReportErrorASCII(cx, "Called on incompatible |this|");

Again, if we can say more about what got called it sure would be nice.

I wonder when you actually hit a case where you need to computeThis here.  Do you know, offhand?

>@@ -920,9 +929,11 @@ XPC_WN_GetterSetter(JSContext* cx, unsig
>+        JS_ReportErrorASCII(cx, "Called on incompatible |this|");

Again, better error message would be nice.

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Thanks for the quick review. Do I need to figure out the function name somehow in the XPConnect case?

This try push has a lot of failures:

js/xpconnect/tests/unit/test_bug851895.js (X3) is quite interesting. This is where I got my example from.
> Do I need to figure out the function name somehow in the XPConnect case?

It's just the name (in the JSFunction sense) of the callee in the XPC_WN_CallMethod case.  But I'd be ok with "XPIDL method called on incompatible |this|" and similar for "XPIDL getter or setter ...." and "double-wrapped XPConnect getter ... " or something.   Just unique strings so in case it happens people have some idea where to start looking.

I had missed the example at the end of comment 4.  Thank you for pointing it out.  Alright, then...
Oh I just realized that for XPC_WN_CallMethod and XPC_WN_Shared_ToString we use args.computeThis(), which can only fail when boxing a primitive value. (This is of course extremely rare) I think we are ignoring those exception in some places now.
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Make computeThis return a boolean for easier error handling

I think this is easier to understand and makes it harder to forgot to handle the case when we threw an exception. The possibly only concern is that now, the MutableHandleObject of course doesn't directly alias the this value in the CallArgs.
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Remove JS_THIS_OBJECT from mozStorageStatementJSHelper

Review of attachment 8961440 [details] [diff] [review]:

Stealing this back, this is fine.

(Please fix the typo in the commit message: Hemove -> Remove)
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Remove JS_THIS_OBJECT from js. r=jorendorff
Remove JS_THIS_OBJECT from mozStorageStatementJSHelper. r=mrbkap
Remove JS_THIS_OBJECT from dom/xpconnect. r=bz
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I didn't fix the error message in XPC_WN_CallMethod and XPC_WN_Shared_ToString, because both of these are going away after landing the last patch.
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Make computeThis return a boolean for easier error handling. r=jorendorff
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