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autophone should add --subsuite=media to run dom/media mochitests


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we modified the mochitest manifests to have |suite = media| for all mochitests in dom/media/*

this is solved by adding --subsuite=media to the manifest parser for desktop mochitests.
I don't understand what you mean by "adding --subsuite=media to the manifest parser for desktop mochitests". My first though would have been to add an optional test_subsuite to the mochitest config files in configs/ and to add it to the arguments passed to mochitest/run*.py if it exists.
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I envision a fix that looks like:

how to solve builds on version <48 will not be as trivial, but doable.
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r=me with nit for comments.

::: tests/
@@ +224,5 @@
> +            try:
> +                manifest_cfg = ConfigParser.RawConfigParser()
> +      "%s/tests/%s" % (
> +                    self.parms['build_dir'], self.parms['test_manifest']))
> +                test_subsuite = manifest_cfg.get('DEFAULT', 'subsuite')

this is a nice way to solve the problem, a comment here would help make it understandable to someone looking at this for the first time.  Specifically that we sometimes have subsuite and if we have it we will use it, otherwise throw an exception.
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I've added the following comment. Ping me quick if you want to change it:

+            # Check if the test manifest defines a subsuite which
+            # should be specified. Although we normally parse these
+            # manifests with manifestparser, that is overkill for our
+            # needs. Using the normal ConfigParser we can determine
+            # the subsuite value if it is defined and add the subsuite
+            # command line argument. Missing section or option errors
+            # simply mean no subsuite is defined.
looks great, thanks!

deployed 2016-03-15 06:29
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Need to add subsuite to testing/mochitest/manifests/autophone-media.ini as well.
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ah, good catch!
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deployed 2016-03-15 ~22:46
doh, deployed 2016-03-16 ~22:46
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