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[UX] Provide initial design for Flyweb UI


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User Story

User Story 1 (Advertisement):

Suppose I visit a video game site. On the site, I click on a button to host a game. The game communicates with the browser to advertise itself on the local network over FlyWeb. Firefox then asks me if I want to allow the site to advertise itself like this, which I can then approve or deny. The site then tells me that it's waiting for other players to connect.

User Story 2 (Finding):

Suppose my friend has completed the steps in User Story 1, and is waiting for me to join the game. On my device (this could be either Desktop or Fennec), I can view a list of FlyWeb devices advertising themselves in the area. I choose the device from the list, which opens a tab that connects me to the game so that I can play with my friend.
Flyweb has been a skunkworks project for a while now coming out of platform, but the team behind it is hoping to surface its capabilities in the browser.

Timeline-wise, the team is hoping to have the UI landed in mozilla-central (preffed off) before the London All-hands.

There are two primary user stories we're hoping to satisfy with the UI, which I'll add below.
Adding user story, and the URL to the FlyWeb wiki document for the folks who might not be familiar with it yet.

I also want to emphasize that specs are desired for both Firefox Desktop and Fennec for these user stories.
User Story: (updated)
rfeeley, you said you were perhaps interested in looking at this. Can you help me push this forward?
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User Story: (updated)
Clearing needinfo on rfeeley - I've fired off an email to osunick and madhava to see if we can get this in the queue.
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Changing from "final" to "initial", as what we're looking for is likely going to be iterated on as FlyWeb develops and is explored by the team and the community at large.
Summary: [UX] Provide final design for Flyweb UI → [UX] Provide initial design for Flyweb UI
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