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[ka] Search engine setup for Firefox Mobile for Georgian.


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We want to ship Firefox Mobile with a good list of search engines for Georgian. 

We're going to work towards this in three phases. First, the localization team and the l10n drivers will look at the market for the language and come up with a good set of search providers. Beqa Arabuli, we'll need your input on this, the guidelines for making recommendations are on <>. 

For en-US, we currently use this set, to which we can fall back in the case of lacking localized alternatives:

> Google (mobile version), Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, Twitter, Wikipedia (slightly different to desktop, 32x32 icon)

We may also want to go with just a subset of the en-US engines, if that's more appropriate for the local market.

Once we decide to use a particular search engine (and we test it on a mobile device), l10n drivers will contact the owner and ask for permission, and for specifics like proper search flags. Beqa Arabuli, we'll likely need your help to at least get the contact information.

For search engines that we already ship with on desktop and that you would like to include in mobile as well, the permission is not needed.  Consider using a mobile version of the engine if one is available.  Also, please make yourself familiar with instructions regarding the <Description/> element at <>. For mobile, we'll want 64x64 size images, too.

Once we have a specification on what the search engines for Georgian should look like, flod (Francesco Lodolo) and the localization team will work on an implementation on that. flod will create and attach patches for the desired changes and get them reviewed. After a successful review, flod will land them. Beqa Arabuli, if you're interested, you could create the patches, too. You'd ask flod for review on those before landing. 

Please don't commit any modifications in browser/searchplugins to the hg repository without a patch reviewed by flod, Stas, Axel or someone else appointed by the l10n drivers. The data here is sensitive to users and our search partners, thus the extra care here.

The Georgian team and flod will be driving this bug to completion.
Assignee: giasher → francesco.lodolo
Hey, sorry for late reply. I don't exactly understand your question.

But if you want to know about which search engines people use here, I don't think there is any Georgian search engine which is used. People mainly use Google. Maybe Bing and Yandex too.
Georgian on desktop is currently using the en-US defaults, plus localized Wikipedia


The default for en-US on mobile are


Some of the questions are: does it make sense to have eBay and Amazon? Do people use them to buy and have goods shipped to Georgia? Is Twitter popular? Is Yandex a better choice than Yahoo? If it is, we need to get in touch with Yandex to figure out how to add the searchplugin, and it would make sense to update also desktop.
Please note that we have a commercial agreement with Yandex for search.  If you want to expand that relationship into Georgia, we will need to amend the agreement.  Please contact Remco Kaptein if assistance if you decide to go that route.
Ok, I think this would make a good list for Georgian people:

1. Google (.ge if it makes any difference)
2. Wikipedia-ka
3. DuckDuckGo
4. Ebay
5. Amazon
Is it possible to add Youtube and Google maps as search engines too? They are pretty popular here. If not, my previous list is good too.
I don't believe that YouTube and Google Maps are a good fit on Android, since the experience using the respective apps is a lot easier (and often richer). YouTube also involves high data consumption, which is an issue on mobile.
We're also already shipping Google, and if you try to search for an address at some point Google will try to move you to the Maps stand-alone app.

About the list in comment 4, we should drop eBay (it doesn't ship in en-US at the moment, and we still have issue with encoding), and add Bing and Yahoo since there's a request to have them unless they're broken for your specific locale.

The list could look something like this:

Wikipedia (ka)

Is usable from Georgia? Can you have goods shipped there easily?
I understand. Your list looks good.

Amazon is usable. Amazon doesn't ship goods directly in Georgia, but there is many Georgian middleman web-sites with offices in USA and people use them a lot.
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wikipedia-ka is already in the repository and correct, mostly changing list.txt and fixing to these days standard.
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