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Build error : fontconfig/fontconfig.h not found


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Not set


(b2g-master fixed)

2.6 S10 - 3/25
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When building B2G emulator-x86-l, I encountered an error.

configure:26348:35: fatal error: fontconfig/fontconfig.h: No such file or directory

The detailed log is in the attachment.
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also happened on nexusplayer-l
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Well, this is because the target set in default-gecko-config is i686-android-linux, and that is not a valid triplet for android-based systems. You were lucky that it worked until now because our checks in were broken.

IOW, this should be fixed in gonk-misc.

Target triplets have the form cpu-manufacturer-kernel, where the kernel part can be kernel-os.

On desktop linux, a typical triplet is i686-pc-linux or i686-pc-linux-gnu. cpu=i686, manufacturer=pc, kernel=linux, os=gnu.

On android, a typical triplet is arm-none-linux-android. cpu=arm, manufacturer=none (doesn't matter), kernel=linux, os=android

or arm-none-linux-androideabi (os=androideabi)

In your case, it's: i686-android-linux. cpu=i686, manufacturer=android, kernel=linux.

The manufacturer is simply ignored by most things. And if you look at toolchains, they have gcc prefixed with $cpu-$kernel-$os. Thus your toolchain prefix being .../x86_64-linux-android-

A proper triplet in your case would be i686-none-linux-android. i686-linux-android would actually work because we're actually lax. But i686-android-linux doesn't work anymore.
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Also note how "checking target system type..." in your log says "i686-android-linux-gnu" instead of "i686-android-linux". That's because your input (i686-android-linux) goes through config.sub, which canonicalizes the form for the kernel-os part to be complete: linux-gnu instead of linux. Which indicates a linux+glibc system, which is definitely not android. Note the syntax and config.sub come from autoconf. I'm not making things up.
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Hi Michael,

Would you help to review this? I've tested on nexusplayer-l.
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Duplicate of this bug: 1258638
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