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Open Facebook sharing dialog in a pop-up


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As a room Owner, I want to have the Facebook share dialogue open in a pop-up window, so that it is simpler for me to share.

Acceptance criteria:
- When clicking the 'Facebook' button in the share panel, the existing Facebook dialogue opens in a pop-up window rather than in a new tab (current behavior)
- Pop-up blocker does not prevent opening the Facebook Send dialogue


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Looks good! The video only shows the conversation window example, making sure the same behavior applies when invoking Facebook send from the share panel?
mancas, did we explicitly make the panel only open the room after the panel is closed? I suppose so as otherwise there would be two invite views visible (panel and conversation).

So the facebook window getting shared bug happens because tab sharing only starts after the panel closes, and currently tab sharing grabs the most recent window to share. We could fix this by delaying the window open or somehow specifying which window to share.
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Yes, once the panel is closed, the room is opened. As I talked with Mike on IRC we can open a pop up and open the room when the user closes that pop up [1], which makes sense for me. Don't start sharing the window until the user shares the link via facebook, wdyt?

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I would think it would get tricky to detect when the facebook sharing dialog is done. We can't redirect the facebook completion page to a script that closes the tab/window as it's not a content page that created the tab/window in the first place. And potentially the user could open additional tabs in the new window.
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patch looks good, but approach isn't enough it seems. 

As you already mentioned, the Facebook page is shared instead of the conversation when using fb-button from the panel, plus we can't know (on origin) when the user successfully shared the Hello url.

As there's no option for popup in, maybe we can do something lightroom style? create a div 100% size over the current window with a fb iframe, where we have full control (and notification on success, or if user navigates away)

pinging UX for feedback
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> pinging UX for feedback

I think the lightbox idea is actually pretty good. Keeps things in the tab, and we can mirror the lightbox style of the FTU tour, for consistency.
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As long as this lightbox doesn't cover the 100% of the tab, it can be a pretty good solution.
Depends on: 1260492
It seems that there could be various failure situations with a lightbox type experience in terms of detecting success/failure on facebook's side as well as allowing the user to get out of the facebook sharing mode.

The underlying bug that we're running into with the facebook window being the shared tab is that initiating tab sharing is simply grabbing the most recent window to share whereas it should be smarter in knowing which window should have been shared. I.e., we run into a similar problem if the user already has multiple windows open when starting tab sharing and switches to a different window before tab sharing finishes initializing.
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Please note that this bug is now moved to the Akita dependency tree, we want to deliver this feature as part of the AKita sharing affordances. I update the US field so it is obvious.
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Support for Hello/Loop has been discontinued.

Hence closing the old bugs. Thank you for your support.
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