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Add a test for incumbent global handling in promise callbacks


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Because we don't seem to have one right now... Note, though, that this test assumes Promise.prototype.then acts like most Web IDL APIs that take callbacks in terms of its incumbent global handling.
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Add a test for incumbent global handling when invoking promise callbacks

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It seems like this should either be a WPT, or be simplified to use a SpecialPowers API to retrieve the incumbent more simply. r=me though.
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Good point; I just wasn't sure how to do multiple hostnames with wpt and didn't find it in the docs offhand.  James, is there something that can make that work easily?
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wpt can do multiple subdomains, but not multiple top level host names at present (there is a feature request for the latter, but it's a little bit of work). I think you need the latter, but if you do in fact only need the former, there are various precanned ones and you can do something like {{domains[www]}} in a .sub.html file to get the full www.web-platform.test (or, or whatever) name.
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> I think you need the latter

No, I just need two hostnames that can set document.domain to the same value.  A domain and its subdomain, or two subdomains of the same domain, would both be just fine.

I'll give that a shot.
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James, I don't understand what mach web-platform-tests-create did to the manifest here... Can you double-check it?
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Now as a wpt

James said on IRC this change was just removing leftover stuff that should have been gone anyway..
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