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Remove code specific to the ICS version of b2g


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There is a significant amount of ICS specific code in gfx that lives in #ifdef blocks and are pretty annoying to maintain alive because they are #ifdefed out unless you build specifically for ics which nobody does and because the way gralloc works on ICS is super tricky and painful and maintain. It'd be nice to remove that from the code base. The reason we haven't done that long ago, is because the ICS emulator is where most of the automated testing was happening on try. Now that these jobs are hidden by default I think that we can revisit the question.

Several ways we could go about it.
 - decide that we want to maintain it a bit longer (I'd be surprised but if anybody needs this, speak up!)
 - remove the ICS emulator jobs on try and all of the ICS specific code (this would remove the painful gralloc portions all over gfx and also the video decoding stuff that lives in widget/gonk/nativewindow/GonkNativeWindowICS.*
 - remove only the ICS Gralloc specific code for now and replace it with shared memory + gl texture uploads (what android does basically). Not sure how to do this without breaking the video decoding code which relies on gralloc, and breaking the corresponding ICS emulator tests but these are probably busted already by now.
Just throw it out. ICS should have died in a fire _years_ ago.
We can thank some of our former partners for keeping it around far longer than anybody would have expected.
(In reply to Gabriele Svelto [:gsvelto] from comment #3)
> We can thank some of our former partners for keeping it around far longer
> than anybody would have expected.

That and the fact that the ICS emulator is one of the only platforms that has some b2g tests running on top of gonk. Who should I talk to to unplug ICS stuff from the the test suites?

Are there other interested parties that should be cc'ed on this bug?
Whiteboard: gfx-noted
With gonk/b2g code having mostly be removed from mozilla-central this should be closed as WONTFIX.
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