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Rename GetEffectiveClipRect to GetLocalClipRect


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GetEffectiveClipRect returns either the shadow clip rect (for shadow layers) or the regular clip rect (for regular layers). As per the naming convention in bug 1247442, we should rename this to GetLocalClipRect.
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rename GetEffectiveClipRect

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Nice, thanks! It looks like there's also a couple of references to GetEffectiveClipRect in widget/gonk/HwcComposer2D.cpp - could you update those as well? That code is only built for Firefox OS which is not a tier-1 platform so technically we don't need to make the change but it's simple enough and it would be nice to not break their build. The other change I'd like you to make is in the commit message - r=kats instead of With those two changes this patch should be ready to land; if you upload a new version I can land it for you.
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rename GetEffectiveClipRect 2nd revision

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Perfect, thanks! I'll land this shortly.
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