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Turn off printing of the files that we're building as we build by default


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This list of files doesn't really provide any value. Because we parallelize better, it's basically not possible to use the list of files as a proxy for progress.
If we do this, can we make it controllable by a setting in mozconfig?  I definitely like seeing the output as a sign of progress.  A percentage complete output would cover this, though.
I'll hack up a patch.
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Multiple people have complained that the build output of printing the
source files being built adds little value. I agree. The extra output
doesn't give really helpful progress info because sources can be built
in non-deterministic order. Furthermore, the extra output hides useful
output like compiler warnings.

This patch makes the default build system output even less verbose. We
no longer print the individual source targets when they are built. We do
still print the targets for binaries, so some sense of progress can be

If people like verbosity, they can export the undocumented
BUILD_VERBOSE_LOG environment variable can be set to restore the old

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::: config/
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>  # Rules for building native targets must come first because of the host_ prefix

REPORT_BUILD is also emitted by the backend and used in other Makefiles. You'd have better results changing the definition of REPORT_BUILD than by adding REPORT_BUILD_VERBOSE.
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I tried something like this a couple of years ago and too many people complained so it got reverted. Worth trying again, though :)
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MozReview Request: Bug 1262569 - Actually disable all REPORT_BUILDs. r?gps

In the original patch, I specifically limited the printing of source related targets and retaining printing of binaries. The reason was I wanted to retain some indication of progress during the build. With this patch, we have no progress indicators during compilation except for compiler warnings. With this patch, we can go multiple minutes without printing anything. This can lead to the impression the build has stalled.

I favor eventually not printing anything except warnings and other important messages (basically what this patch does). However, I insist we have some kind of progress indicator before we do that.

I was toying with the idea of restoring the X/Y progress indicator during the compile tier. I know you had good reasons to remove it. Perhaps we can come up with something better than directories for the thing being measured.
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> I favor eventually not printing anything except warnings and other important
> messages (basically what this patch does). However, I insist we have some
> kind of progress indicator before we do that.

Would the progress indicator work if you redirect the output of `mach build` to file or through a pipe? I ask because I pipe the output through my own script that pulls out error messages. (See and replies for old discussion on dev-platform about this.)
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The leave-open keyword is there and there is no activity for 6 months.
:gps, maybe it's time to close this bug?
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