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text-decoration on parent box in a vertical writing-mode with children affected by varying vertical-align values does not keep constant position


(Core :: Layout: Block and Inline, defect)

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firefox48 --- affected


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(Keywords: testcase)

DHTML test

Such test is a simple text variation of the "ABCD" example from figure 6 in

Expected results

There should be one and only one vertical straight, unbroken line under the baseline of the whole word "sample" in all 5 writing-modes.


The position of text decoration lines applying to a parent box must be determined in relation to the same baseline and is not affected by 'vertical-align' applied on its descendants.


- This spun from bug 1220438 comment 30
- No browser currently passes this test
- I am using Firefox 48.0a1 buildID=20160406030221 and it fails the 4 vertical writing-modes
- I use Linux 3.16.0-85-generic x86_64, Qt: 4.8.6, KDE 4.14.3; Kubuntu (trusty) 14.04.4 LTS
- I've searched for duplicates and did not find any.
Blocks: writing-mode
Keywords: testcase
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