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FetchEvent.request.cache is not set correctly for non-fetch channels


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There is a mapping between our load flags and fetch RequestCache values.  We convert from RequestCache to load flags when setting an explicit RequestCache value.  We don't, however, translate the other way creating a Request from an nsIChannel.  So non-fetch channels never produce any RequestCache values besides "default".

I think we should fix this.
This maintains the current behavior for explicitly set fetch cache modes, but will otherwise guess the cache mode from the load flags.
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I will add a check for this in one of our tests that trigger a window refresh since we should get "no-cache" for those requests.  Should get to that tomorrow.
Add a check for evt.request.cache to our current refresh test.  This causes the test to time out without the P1 and pass with the P1.
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I will add a test for EventSource as well since its required to bypass the http cache.
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This is good, but it would be nice if you can add a web platform test for this.  Either in addition or instead of this one.  r=me.
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We discussed this at the service worker face-to-face and decided we should implement this:
See Also: → 1120715
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WPT version of test validating frame reload cache value.  I'll look at writing a wpt EventSource test now.  We don't test EventSource at all there.
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Update our EventSource mochitest to check for cache.
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After much pain, this adds a wpt test case for EventSource.
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Depends on: 1437080
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