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Enable linking to Add-on Introduction page on UITour opened after install (learn more)


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Many add-ons open a Introduction page in a new tab right after being installed. This is potentially distracting the user from seeing the Firefox install-confirmation that informs them about where the add-on has been placed in the browser.

To provide add-on developers with an option to show the introduction page to interested uses, but not force it on everyone, we want to offer them a link in the install confirmation: "learn more"

This is especially interesting for users new to add-ons, and therefor for discovery pane. Can we, as a first step, offer those add-ons a way to use that "learn more" link if installed via discovery pane?
The only way I could practically see this working is for the editor to manually insert a destination for the "learn more" link. But, I don't know of any way we could suppress the add-on from opening a new page.
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Mark, you've got everything you need to implement this I believe?
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I have a version of the dialog working currently. I believe the only thing I need to complete it is the permissions issue with allowing access to the UITour API in about:addons which is tracked in bug 1281847. 

For myself, here is the code to trigger it.

document.dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent('mozUITour', {
    bubbles: true,
    detail: {
      action: 'showInfo',
      data: {
        target: '#archive_peers_community-browser-action',
icon: '',
text: 'Click here to access Adblock Plus any time.',
title: 'Installed and added to toolbar',
buttons: [{label: 'Ok', callbackID: 'closeabp', style: 'bar-primary'}],
name: 'addon',
Flags: needinfo?(mstriemer)
Based on bug 1308310 I think we should won't fix this.
Closed: 5 years ago
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