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Result of expression {}+{} is NaN


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Steps to reproduce:

I have written code:

Actual results:

It returned NaN

Expected results:

It should return string "[object Object][object Object]" as per spec.
Follow steps:
It seems like I have been confused by Chrome Dev Tools - expression `{}+{}` is treated there as `({}+{})`
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(In reply to michalwadas from comment #1)
> It seems like I have been confused by Chrome Dev Tools - expression `{}+{}`
> is treated there as `({}+{})`

Should we do something similar?

We evaluate it as an empty block followed by +{} of course, but it might be confusing, especially when you do:

 < {}
 > undefined
 < {x: 1}
 > 1
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Personally i don't want that feature.
I don't have a strong opinion, forwarding to bgrins who has been working on the console.
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There's a similar bug about handing input like { 'a': true } in Bug 972530.  It's also resolved invalid and I think it depends on how much convenience we want to provide vs passing input directly to the engine.  In that bug there's a way listed to work around it, similar to:

if (/^\s*\{/.test(text) && /\}\s*$/.test(text))
  text = '(' + text + ')';

I'm more inclined to add support to the JSON input since that seems like a more common situation that will confuse people.  Incidentally, that regex would also match this case though so we'll want to tweak it if we explicitly *don't* want to support this.
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See Also: → 972530
This is a longstanding JS wart and I think it's a mistake to try to paper over it. Making a clean spot in one place just makes the rest of the language look shoddy and inconsistent:

    $ node
    > {}+{}
    '[object Object][object Object]'
    > eval("{}+{}")
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> {} + {}
> "[object Object][object Object]"
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